Are you looking for Pinterest Marketing Strategy? Yes, You are in the right place. Today In this article I am going to tell you about 10 Pinterest Marketing Strategies. And I believe it will help you take your business to the next level.

1. Create A Business Profile

Make sure you create a Pinterest business account. First brand your profile. It will easily help your company be recognized. Upload Profile Picture that highly represents your business or website.

2. Keywords in Profile description (About)

Pinterest has a fantastic search capacity it will help people to find your business. Search engines like google, being, Duck-Duck Go shows search results from Pinterest.

And if your profile contains the keyword there have a big chance to take place in search results, as you can see in the image. Make sure you put the targeted keywords in the profile description or about section.

3. Claim Your Website

Claim your website, Instagram, and youtube account. If you verify your website then you will be able to analytics for your website on Pinterest.

It is easy to claim your website. You will find an option beside your profile setting. Pinterest will give you an HTML code, copy the code, and put it on your site. You will find a WordPress plugin also.

4. Create Content Based Board

I already said Pinterest is a search engine and visitors type in keywords to find the content that they are looking for. Your pins will save in boards. So based on your content create different boards and chose different keywords for your board name. Like if you publish a story you can create a board named Story.

Then Focus on the board description. Describe Your board’s description like your blog content meta description. Keep the targeted keywords in the board description.

You can create a secret board to save content for the future.

4. Create Your First Pinterest Pin

Remember, It’s not just a Pinterest pin. You are working to promote your business or service. And users will find your product or service by using keywords.

Just Upload Your first image and link to a board, and voila you have got a pin. When you pin an image on Pinterest, give a perfect title, and write a description of 30-40 words. Keep your targeted keywords in the title and pin description. Always try to pin customize size images for Pinterest.

5. Have an Awesome Cover Photo

Listen, your cover photo is your first impression. That means when a visitor or user visits your profile they will find your profile cover photo first.

And always make sure that your cover photo reflects your page. You can select specific pins for your cover photo. Another thing is to don’t forget to optimize the cover photos.

5. What Type of Content You will be sharing

You will find a lot of content on this platform. But some specific content performs better on this platform like product pins, blog posts, and infographics.

  • Don’t Pin Poor Quality Image: As we know Pinterest is a visual search engine. So never post poor quality images. Whatever you are posting make sure an attractive image.
  • Well Designed Image: Make sure well designed vertical graphics. Beautiful and attractive photos will help you to catch the audience and it impress your audience to visit your link.

6. Follow Your Competitors

In every sector of Marketing, you will face some competitors. You can find your competitor’s Pinterest Account with some little search. Take some idea of what they are doing on Pinterest.

Another best thing is if you follow more Pinterest accounts there have a chance to follow you back. It could help you to promote your business. You can communicate with them and ask them to save your pins.

6. Join Community Boards

This is another Pinterest marketing strategy. Pinterest allows other users to invite to contribute to the board. And this is the perfect way to get your content in front of brand new audiences.

Once you join a community, promote your content and also save other users’ pins. It will help you to get more followers.

8. Post Regularly and share them

Try to pin regularly. Pining regularly helps maximize and customer engagement with your brand. You will have many tools and these tools will schedule your pins in advance. It will ensure regular posting.

Make sure you are sharing your pins with other social platforms. It will help you to get more impressions.

9. Use hashtag

The hashtag is a crucial part of social media marketing. It is a great way of labeling and finding social media updates. And Pinterest hashtag makes your content discoverable and also helps to find relevant content from other users. But do not use too many hashtags on Pinterest Pin.

10. Make sure the quality

If you wanna grow your business or anything always remembers quality is much important than quantity. So do not Pin everything.  This mistake can make your boards unrecognized and lack of kind of theme. Always try to connect with your audience.

What is Pinterest?

We already know Pinterest is a visual search engine or discovery engine for finding ideas like homes, recipes, and more. It is a social network that allows users to visually share and discover new interests by posting images or videos to their own Pinterest board.

What is Pinterest Pin?

I think you already got an idea of what is Pinterest Pin is. Pins are ideas that create by the User. People from around the world can find and save them. Users can share these pins and save them on their own Pinterest board. If you like a pin you can save it in your profile.

What Is Pinterest Board?

In a line, boards are collections where you organize or save your or others’ pins. You can not save or post a pin without Pinterest Board. Mainly the profile is made up of Boards. You or others can follow boards.

Hey dude this was about 10 Pinterest Marketing Strategy. Drop your comment and let us know.

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