You may have heard about the leading Singaporean-American multinational technology company and lifestyle brand for gamers the Razer Inc. And today in this article we will deeply learn about Razer Inc. So let’s have a look.

What is Razer?

Razer is one of the leading technology and lifestyle brand for gamers. They come with a slogan, “For Gamers, By Gamers”. Smartphone to Computer keyboards almost all gaming accessories are available at Razer. The co-founder of the company Robert Krakoff said one day he had an accident with a Razorblade and then he decides the name.

Meaning of The Logo

Do you know about Rzer Inc’s logo? Well, the theme of the logo is based on the South African Boomslang Snake. The CEO of the company Mr. MIn-Liand Tan says he knew one day their products will dominate others and he was thinking which dominates mice. Suddenly he found snakes easily eat mice. Actually that time one of the Logitech mice was very popular among the gamers, so they wanted the new Razer mouse will eat the Logitec mouse.

When Did Razer Found?

Razer Inc. was founded by Min-Liang and Robert Karkoff on January 2, 1998, in Singapore and California with a dual-headquarter. They started their journey as a subsidiary of Karna LLC in 1998. But the present iteration of it was founded in 2005. Currently, they have 17 offices around the world.

Who Owns Razer?

The leading gaming technology brand for gamers Razer was founded by Min-Liang and co-founder Rober Karkoff. The company is owned by Razer Inc.

Razer Phone

Besides gaming accessories, they have smartphones. On November 15, 2017,  they released their gaming smartphone Razer Phone. It is an android based phablet designed and the smartphone was developed by Razer Inc. This phone is primarily aimed at gamers. The smartphone is very similar to the Nextbit Robin. The smartphone got a large bezel with a fingerprint sensor. Though it is much similar to Nextbit Robin, their smartphone is made of aluminum. The authority confirmed that they shutting down their new smartphone development. Currently, Razer Phone and Phone 2 are available in the market.


Razer is most familiar with their ultimate gaming keyboards. they have world-leading gaming keyboards. Since 2020 they have released 50 gaming keyboards. And among them, 37 keyboards are available in their online store. Both wireless and wired keyboards are available at Razer. If you compare it with other keyboards then Razer’s keyboards are the most expensive and multifunctional. If you have a low budget and looking for a keyboard you should forget about this gaming and lifestyle brand.


As a gamer, you may need a good headset also. Razer has some famous and popular headsets. Almost all of their headsets are lightweight and despite the larger earcups. So you can wear it comfortably for a long time gaming or listening to music.


Razer Inc has high configured gaming laptops for the ultimate gamers. All of the Razer laptops come with a refined keyboard layout, log battery life, customizable RAM and SSD, synapse software is easy to use. They started their first step with the Razer Blade in 2012. The laptop contains game powerful graphics, macro programmable keyboards, and a touchscreen touchpad. One of the most popular Razer laptops is The Blade 15. It was released in 2016. The company claims it’s a high-performing gaming laptop with up to 8-core CPUs and comes with GeForce graphics. And the latest laptop is Core X Chroma. The Core X Chroma comes with thunderbolt 3, external graphics, two PCIe connections, 4 USB 3.1, Gigabit Ethernet.


Can you imagine without a speaker how empty looks your gaming setup? Yes, Razer knows your needs so they released some high-quality and powerful speaker which offers decent and perfect sound. Currently, they have 4 speakers where Nommo Pro is the latest one.


Do you like ear-pods? Alright, Razer has 6 earbuds and these are Hammerhead True Wireless Pro, Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds, Hammerhead  USB-C ANC, Hammerhead BT, Hammerhead  Duo, Hammerhead  Duo Console.

Lifestyle Products

We already know razer is a technology and lifestyle band for gammers. The lifestyle products are gaming chair, Respwain, Gear and apparel, surgical mask, Senki Snek.

Other Products

Monitors, Cables, eGPUs, Mats, Mice, controller, cases are also available at Razer. Different kinds of PC accessories are also available at their online store.

What is Razer SoftMiner?

You will be glad to know that Razer has reward programs. SoftMiner is a program. And if run this program in the background of your PC that rewards you with silver. And you can redeem for rewards. The company says you can earn up to 500 Silver and a 5 dollar Giftcard equates to 1500 silver in the company store. So it means each Razor silver is worth about $0.003. lol.

What is Razer Synapse?

Razer Synapse is a cloud-based hardware configuration tool that takes your device to the next level. You can customize the color of the setting of your devices.

Is Razer a good brand?

Yes, Razer is a good technology and lifestyle brand for gamers. The award-winning gamers lifestyle brand has all most all PC and mobile gaming accessories. Laptopmag was declared as the top laptop brand of the year.

Logitech Vs Razer

Logitech is also a well know technology brand. ButLogitech is mainly popular for common users. On the other hand, Razer focus on the gaming field. Logitech is a Swiss company and started its journey in 1981. The Gamer lifestyle band started as an American Subsidiary of a Japanese manufacturer in 1998. Razer is smaller than Logitech.

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