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Solar Panel Sales Script – Appointment Setting & Live Transfer Pitch

Telemarketing is one of the best and effective ways to selling solar panels. But selling solar over the phone is no an easy task. If you want to generate more solar leads or sales then you need to work the right way and must have good sales knowledge, good communication skill as well. Only for the lacking a good solar panel sales script and rebuttals most of the agents or call center representatives fail to generate more solar sales (leads) and appointment settings.

Hi there, this is Tony Brown, I am working at an outbound call center as a trainer of solar panel sales executives. I trained almost a thousand sales representatives of solar panels. Besides, I have three years of experience selling solar leads, setting appointments, and also worked in different solar live transfer campaigns.

If you are a new solar panel salesperson or looking for an effective solar panel sales script for your call center agents then you are in the right place.

Here I am going to share an effective and detailed solar panel sales script including an appointment setting script and live transfer pitch step. And I believe it will help you to generate more sales.

Table of Contents

Solar Panel Sales Script (Appointment setting, Live Lransfer Pitch)

Hi/Hello/Good Morning/afternoon/evening ______ (prospector’s name).

Or, May I speak to the homeowner, please? (if you don’t have any name)

Alright, this is ______ (Your Name), calling you from _____ (your service or company). How are you doing today?

And I believe you are the homeowner, right? or I believe I am speaking with the homeowner/______(Prospector name), Am I right?

Perfect/well, this call is not a sales call, basically we are offering promotional programs in your area and providing homeowners free consultation on how they can get their solar panel without spending even a single penny out of their pocket. And be sure it will help you to reduce your electricity bills and also increase your home value.

Or, I am calling/contacting customers/homeowners in _______ (city/area name) to discuss their electric needs, and it will save your expanse (or with a focus on saving money).

And as a solar installation company, we have a system that will permanently reduce your monthly electricity bills.

Qualification Questions

So may I know how much electricity bill do you pay per month? or, what is your monthly electricity bill?

Okay, And which electric company is you with? Or, who is your electric provider?

Alright, Are you retired or currently working?

Aha, and is it a single-family residence home? (yes)

Sir/_____(prospect name), may I know what is your household income a year, roughly!

How is your FICO score? Is it more than 680 or less? (required 680)

Great to hear, and last question I believe you don’t have any bankruptcy, and due medical bills in the last 3 years?

_____ (prospector name), we are good to go now. The last thing I want to know, is there any tree around your home which put shade on your roof?

Appointment Setting Script

We are almost done. Thanks again for taking the time today to learn more about our product and for your valuable information.

So if you are open to it is set up a no-obligation energy consultation without any cost. It will just take only 40 minutes and we will show you an energy-saving proposal.

(Or you can close the appointment setting with a simple question)

And when you are interested in having an appointment setting with a solar consultant to learn more about your solar option? (You just give them an option, Homeowner will give a time. As an example: Tuesday, June 10th, between 1 pm to 3 pm).

_____ (prospector name) one last thing are you registered in federal DNC? If the answer is yes, then ask- Do you have any issue with the confirmation call of this appointment from our quality assurance department? (if yes, just hang up the line).

Do you have any alternative numbers? (if yes, ask for the number- may I have the number please?)

Thank you very much Mr/Ms____________ (Name). You will be receiving a call from ____________ (your company or client name). Please make sure you are receiving the call on_____ (scheduled time). So they can confirm you before showing up. And I hope you will be in very good hands. Can you please note down the date and time for your appointment?

Perfect, again thank you so much for your valuable time. Have a fantastic day/evening. Bye-bye, take care.

Solar Panel Live Transfer Script

If you are working on a solar panel live transfer campaign then after collecting/asking all the basic questions transfer the call to your senior/supervisor. Here is the script:

Congratulations, you are qualified and you seem to be a perfect candidate for our program. Now I am going to introduce you to my supervisor for a minute. He will ask you the same questions and verify to check, I did not make any mistake. You can just answer yes to each question.

Please talk to him, I appreciate your patience. (you need to transfer over the line).

(introduce to your supervisor)

Note: If you do in-house then just verify all the information your agent collected. And set up an appointment.

Download Solar Panel Sales Script PDF For Free.

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