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Submit a guest post: Hey dude! How are you doing today? I don’t know good or bad anything might be happening. But we wish you are passing a great day. Coz at this time Somagom is offering you to publish your knowledge on Somagom as a Guest Writer.

You may be looking for a site where you can tell people about your small business or products. We understand. has thousands of visitors around the world. They want to learn about different programs, products, and businesses. Let’s convert our visitors to your buyer or customers. And if you are a blogger or a content writer then I know you know well about the value of content writing.

And we make it easy. Because now you can publish your affiliate link, content, product, or about your business at Somagom for free. Without any charge. You can write us on the email we will publish your content within 72 hours or let your know if we can not.

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What we will do for Guest Writer :

Benefits Of Guest Blogger/ Writer

Do you know what is the benefit of guest blogging or joining as a guest writer?

1. Promote your content

As you are submitting your post here. You can promote your brand or content. Because we allow you to share product reviews and you can also refer to the valuable and informative content on your website or youtube channel. You can also refer to your client’s content here. So no more late just start writing and get more visitors to your site.

2. Boost your social media profile

We provide all of our guest writer’s credit end of the writing and if you want you are allowed to mention your social profile like- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or personal website.

3. Grow your affiliate income

Guest blogging is one of the most effective and best ways to promote any affiliate products. As Somagom is a product review website. You can write articles about your affiliate products. And it could be a technology or digital product.

4. Develop your writing skills

Practice is the best way to develop your writing skill. While you submit a guest post here. before publishing your article our experts will review your content and they will make sure there have no more wrong information or grammatical mistakes. So if you read your article after publishing it on our site you will be able to find out your mistakes. And you will also be able to find out how to write perfect content.

5. Improve your domain authority

If you are a blogger or a content writer you may know about SEO. And if you want to improve your domain authority backlink is the most important way to improve your domain authority. So as you are allowed to create a backlink on your own post or content our guest posting will help you a lot to improve your domain authority.

Which Topics/ Guest Post You can Write

Dear visitor, you already know Somagom is a product review, tips, and tech news site. It is clear that we don’t accept any content which is not related to our website. As a guest blogger, you are allowed to publish the following topics.

1. Product Review

Somgom is already a well-known product review website. We allow guest articles on technology. You are allowed to write any helpful and real-life technology products  Like- smartphones, laptops, keyboards, cameras, bikes, smartwatches, home and kitchen, headphones, and other technology.

2. Digital product

You will be glad to know that we also accept articles or content on digital products. So I think it is a great chance to promote your digital products or service.

3.Tips tricks.

We also accept different kinds of tips and tricks content including health, travel, tech, make money, life hacks, computer, etc.

Things we expect from you

Please make sure you are following the following direction before submitting a guest post:

1. Clarity: We know you are enough smart. But this is not this. Your writing language should be clear and acceptable.

2. Non-Profit: We do not offer any money for those posts that you share on Somagom. But we can reward you and it totally depends on us.

3. How long: At least 800+ words article accepted.


So no more late. Just join now and start writing on Somagom. Be sure we don’t share your personal information with others.

Remember: Always try to share true and valid information. if anyone shares any wrong information we do not ready to take it. If we get wrong then we will remove your post and you will no longer our guest writer.

To Promote Your Link Include a URL and keyword end of your Guest Post, We will link in the post. Put proper Subheading We will customize your post. 

If you have any questions then you can ask us directly. Feel free to write to us. Just visit our contact page.

Thank You.

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