SwiftPayCard Review: Swiftpaycard is a Virtual Debit Visa, MasterCard, and American Express Card provider company for online payments. This is Steve and today I am going to review SwiftPayCard and I will try to explore is SwiftPayCard a scam or legit. Let’s know about the pros and cons of the Swiftpaycard, payment system.

There have many virtual prepaid Visa and MasterCard providers. You can buy products or services, pay bills, shopping and more by using this card. Maximum cards are worldwide acceptable and some cards are fixed for specific countries.

Today we are going to review SwiftpayCard prepaid Visa And MasterCard. We will try to explain all the pros and cons, fees, how to apply, customer care, and other information about SwiftPayCard.

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What is SwiftPayCard?

Swiftpaycard is a virtual prepaid debit Visa Mastercard and American Express card provider company for online payments. You can use this card for buying a product or service, paying bills, or online payments. If you don’t know what is a virtual payment card? Let’s talk a little bit about it. A virtual payment card is a randomized VCC card number for online use. You can take a look at our last article where we talked about the best virtual card provider.

Upsides Of Swiftpaycard

Let’s take a look at why you will buy a Virtual Visa or MasterCard or An American Express Card from SwiftPayCard.

1. Instant card

Swiftpaycard will provide you with instant cards. Just sign up and provide some basic information. If everything is okay then they will approve your application within 24 hours. You will get the confirmation mail.

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2. Simple and Easy

Almost every virtual cad system is the same. But there have some differences between web interfaces, apps, and others. But SwiftPaycard’s app and website interface are very simple and it is easy to use.  And one of the best parts is you don’t have to change your card number as long you use it. Just add funds and use your card.

3. Global Payment

This card is worldwide acceptable. So you can use it for any online purchase like Hotel bills, electric bills, Air tickets, buying hosting, online shopping.

4. Secure and Safe

Swiftpaycard Ltd. is always ready to give you proper security. Your information is safe to them and they will help you to keep your information by keeping it in a secure environment. You will be glad to know that They don’t share your personal and financial information with others.

5. Fast Payment

Their payment system is too fast as you need. You can directly fund from Paypal, Amazon Payments, Alipay, and other popular online payment systems. I wanna say This is very helpful for card users.

6. Any time deletable

If you think you don’t need this card anymore. You can delete this card if you want. And after deleting your card you can apply for a new card instantly. But remember you have to pay for every new card. So be careful.

Downsides Of Swiftpaycard

Nothing is perfect in the world. However, Let’s take a look at the downsides of this virtual prepaid visa and MasterCard Provider Company.

1. Extra Charge

We talked a lot about its good side. But it is sorry to this card is too expensive. A top-up fee between 18% to 20%. That means if you fund 100 dollars they will charge you 18-20 dollars. And there have some monthly charges also.

2. Bad Customer Support

SwiftPaycard Says If you face any issue with your SwiftPayCard virtual prepaid Visa or MasterCard you can ask for live support directly by phone call and email. But it is a great sorrow their customer care service is awful. If you ask for help, I don’t know exactly how long they read and answered.

3. OTP

Swiftpaycard provides 6 types of cards. But Only one is OTP enabled. And it could harm your security. We hope the card provider company will take care of it.

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Should I take a card from SwiftpayCard?

We directly don’t wanna say yes or no, it’s up to you. If you can bear the cost and you are looking for an instant debit reloadable Visa OR Mastercard then you can choose it. You can compare it with other care providers and then make a decision. There have dozens of virtual prepaid debit card providers in the market.

How to load a SwiftPayCard account?

It is easy to research or reload your virtual prepaid card. Just visit the SwiftPayCard website or app. Log into your account and click on by credit. Select the payment method. Then select the recharge amount and other information. Remember with a Reloadable MasterCard, Visa, or American Express card you can add funds any time when you need, but with a classic MasterCard, Visa, or American Express card you can add funds on time.

SwiftPaycard Customer Care

SwiftPayCard provides 24/7 live customer service. Their customer service number is +447937066162; e-mail:

Is SwiftPaycard Free?

No, it’s not free. If you want to get a virtual Visa Or Prepaid Card or an American ExpressCard You have to pay the prescribed charge.

Is SwiftPayCard A Scam?

SwiftPayCard is not a scam, it is legit and trusted. You can use it to purchase and make payments online. But it is a little expensive than your regular bank prepaid cards.

Swiftpaycard Alternatives

The best alternatives of SwiftPayCard are Payoneer, NetSpend, PNC SmartAccess, EzzoCard,, iCard, TeamPay, FreeCharge Go MasterCard. For Visa Card, you can take look at and if you are looking for MasterCard take a look at Payoneer.


As SwiftPayCard is a kind of virtual prepaid Visa and MasterCard provider. So it is a little expensive than a regular prepaid card. But it is easy to use and has great customer care service.

If you have any questions on SwiftPayCard or any opinions about our review, feel free to contact us. We will try our best to help you out.

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