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A To Z About Telemarketing And Telemarketer – Telemarketing Tips

Telemarketing is one of the oldest and popular marketing or lead generation methods. Day by day it is getting more popular and the telemarketing job sector is expanding around the world.

Before joining as a telemarketer I was also looking for the answer to how much does a telemarketer makes in a month or day. I didn’t find the correct answer from any site.

Hey, this is Robin Taylor, I have three years of telemarketing experience and lead generation. Today in this article I am going to tell you the detail about what is telemarketing, what is a telemarketer, how much does a telemarketer makes, how to be a good telemarketer, is a scam or not, and more.

What Is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is the marketing of a product or service by making a phone call to a target audience or customer. In other words, telemarketing is the process of selling a service or product over a phone call. It is also known as telesales.

Types of Telemarketing

There have 4 types of telemarketing. They are 1) Inbound calls, 2) Outbound Calls, 3) Lead Generation, and 4) Sales Calls. According to TYB, there are 4 types of telemarketing namely Inbound, Outbound, B2C, and B2B telemarketing.

What Is A Telemarketer?

This is one of the most searched questions on Google, “What does a telemarketer do?”. A person who sells a product or service through a phone call is called a telemarketer. Generally, a telemarketer follows a prepared sales script and calls their targeted audience by using collected data and offers their service and products. A telemarketer must have excellent customer handling skills.

Telemarketer Salary

The income of a telemarketer varies by country, campaign, product, or service. Generally, a US telemarketer makes 50-300 dollars a day and a monthly salary is between 1500 t0 10000 dollars. An Indian telemarketer makes 800-1500 rupees a day and 20000 to 40000 rupees in a month. Sometimes it could be more or less than this.

Is Telemarketing A Good Profession?

The answer is simple. If you are selling products or services in the right way it is definitely a good profession. Because they help to increase sales and build a business related to the business owner and customer. If you really want to gain challenging skills and real sales-skill, then telemarketing is one of the best places to start your journey. But if you’re scamming or harassing people it’s not a good job. So before joining as a telemarketer trying to know about the company and their service or product.

How To Be A Good Telemarketer?

It is not easy to be a good telemarketer. How good a marketer you are will depend on how patient you are and how much you want to learn. And also depends on your trainer, working environment, opportunity to learn, the product or service you are selling. To be a good telemarketer follow the following tips:

Make a plan before you are going to call someone. Make a plan of what information you need, how do you will start and finish.

Make a sales script that will help you to achieve your objectives. Always try to keep the sales script simple and also informative. Sales script will help you to make a good start and finish the call.

Learn about the product you are going to sell and try to build up a conversation. When you are selling something over the phone call. The person on the other side may have some questions about your product or service. If you don’t have good product knowledge you can not answer properly and you will lose your valuable sale.

Be polite and speak slowly. When you are selling something you need to speak clearly and you have to make sure your pronunciation is good enough.

Be mentally brave when you are speaking to your valuable customers.

Besides, they get a lot of marketing calls during the day. Which bothers me a lot. If someone politely asks you to stop telemarketing calls, you remove him or her from your call list for now. But you can try later like after a month.

Finally, end a call politely. Because a market is the set of present and future customers.

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Do Telemarketers Scam?

There have a lot of scammers around the world who will steal your information or scam with you. Those who do this kind of work cannot be called telemarketers, they are kind of scammers.

Which Companies Use Telemarketing?

Generally, lenders, real estate businesses, cleaning and networking service providers, tech giants, B2B businesses, and more use telemarketing services to generate more sales and promote their business.

What Kind Of Products Sell Through Telemarketing?

There have thousands of products you can sell through telemarketing. Business loans, security systems, insurance, solar, call blockers, and more are sell will through telemarketing.


The telemarketing industry is growing day by day. The pond is full of fish, it is time to grab some fish.

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