Tape Measure Review: Tape Measure is one of the essential tools in our daily life. A tape measure is also known as measuring tape. It is a flexible ruler that is used to measure size or distance. There have many Tape measures in the market. And if you are looking for the best measuring tape then you are in the right place. Here I am gonna talk about the 10 best tape measures in the market, you can buy now.

1. Track life 2 in-1 Laser Tape Measure

The laser measuring tape combines a 131 feet laser measure with a 16 feet tape measure. Which makes your work easier. The measuring tape offers a durable blade. Double sensing holes make the stability of measurement improve significantly and 2 scales with metric and imperial are perfect for accurate measurement. The laser will auto-off without operation after the 20s so it will save energy. We will say a great addition to your tool bag. The price is between 35-40 dollars.

Key Features 

  • Magnetic hook
  • Comfortable grip
  • Double Sensing Hole
  • Double side scale

2. Stanley PowerLock Tape Measure

Made in America. 2 unique features make it a standout. The first one is, the blade is coated with mylar to help it stand up to abrasion associated with repeated use. And another one is the patented True-Zero hook doubles as a pivot for drawing circles and arcs. And it automatically adjusts to handle inside or outside measurements. The tape measure has a durable blade, a functional tang, a solid stand out, a strong locking lever, and a convenient belt lock. The price is between 15-20 dollars.

Key Features 

  • True-Zero hook
  • 25-feet tape
  • High Impact Chrome case

3. Komelon SM5425 Tape Measure

Komelon SM5425 is another simple design and it also has a low price. The design of the case is strategically manufactured to protect the end hook o impact. No need to worry about dropping it. The tape measure body is encased in rubber. This protects the inner workings whilst also making the tool comfortable in the hand. And it is very small in size, weighing in at around 8 ounces. The thing is if you like to work in meters and centimeters it is a better solution for you. And the price is between 12 to 15 dollars.

Key Features 

  • White Blade
  • 1 inch Blade
  • Rubber Coating To Body

4. Etape 16 digital Electronic Measuring Tape

The Measuring Tape featured multiple memory functions. With three memory functions and a side button wheel to access functions, you can measure multiple areas with the case without having to write down the calculation. And also features a weather-resistant polycarbonate plastic construction. It is easy to read when equipped with this Etape16 digital tape measure for residential or commercial projects. The price is between 25 to 30 dollars.

Key Features 

  • Multiple Memory Function
  • Digital display
  • Metric And imperial Option

5. Craftsman ( CMHT 37325S)

This is another affordable one. The price is only 10 dollars. Craftsman is well known for its product. CMHT 37325S Comes with some new features. It will provide you with fast and accurate measurements.  The legend tape measures feature a classic chrome finish with modern features, like Rubber Overmold for added grip. And have a multi-catch hook that can grab onto surfaces on either side of the blade.

Key Features 

  • 7 Feet standout
  • Rubber Overmold
  • Wide tape
  • Classic Chrome Look


This was about The 5 best tape Measures. Drop your comment and let us know which one you like most.

Note: If you notice here in the list almost all the tape measures are 25 feet. Longer than 25 feet of tape is heavier and bigger. But this type of measuring tape is ergonomic and comfortable to use.