PayPal is one of the leading financial technology companies and operates an online payment system. The industry is growing bigger. Nowadays there have many PayPal alternatives with low fees and a faster turnaround for withdrawal. Besides, there have many countries where PayPal service is not available.

A few months ago we got an email from one of our visitors. He wanted to what is the best alternative to PayPal? And if you are also looking for the best alternative to PayPal, you are in the right place. Because today I am going to introduce you to the top 10 PayPal alternatives for you and your business.

List Of The Top Alternatives To PayPal:

1. Google Pay

Google has made our lives easier. In 2018, Google launched a service called Google Pay to give you a better online payment experience. Using Google Pay your customers can easily pay on your website, app, or even in-store with a debit card, credit card, and bank transfer. You can also get payment from your clients around the world. Recently they are planning to add a banking service feature in GooglePay. Where users will be able to create and maintain their accounts with the Google Pay app.

The best part of Google Pay is it offers debit cards and bank transfers for free and for the credit card it charges 2.9 percent of the total transaction amount without any hidden charges or fees. Besides business owners can offer special discounts, gift cards. So if you are looking for a free payment system for your business and looking for PayPal alternatives then you can go ahead with Google Pay.

2. Skrill

The next best alternative to PayPal is Skrill. The financial technology claims 1.2 million customers are using Skrill to make payments online. Where the merchant transaction fee in Paypal is 4.5% with a fixed sum, in the case of Skrill the merchant transaction fee is 2.99% with a fixed sum. Besides, there has a lot of compliance against Paypal customer service. In the terms of customer support, Skrill offers better service. You can also send and receive money using a Skill account. So if you are looking for a PayPal alternative with low cost and better customer support you can go ahead with Skrill. But Skrill has fewer users.

3. Payoneer

More than 4 million people around the world are using Payoneer. And you may notice there have a lot of countries where Paypal is not available. But Payoneer did a great job here in most of the countries (Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cameroon, Central Africa Republic, Nigeria, Mali, Maldives, Nepal, and more) that are out of PayPal service, have Payoneer MasterCard services. However, if your country is out of PayPal service or it is restricted then you can try Payoneer. Besides, you will never pay a fee for accepting payments but the cost of accepting credit card payments is 2.5% to 3.5% with a fixed sum.

4. Stripe

Stripe is not much popular as Payoneer. But it is a very easy-to-use, massive transactions platform and has powerful developer tools. Currently, Stripe is available in more than 35 countries. But the best part of the payment system provider is they offer 24/7 customer support via phone, chat, and email. So if you have any issue you can have to chance to resolve it asap. There have no monthly charges or fees. But it charges 2.9% (+ 30 cents) per transaction to accept card payments online and 2.7% (+5 cents) per transaction in-person payments. Overall Stripe’s powerful API and software solutions in one of the best alternatives to PayPal.

5. 2Checkout

The next best alternative to PayPal is 2Checkout. The payment processing functions are designed specifically for online businesses. In the US it allows you to accept all major credit cards, ACH transfers, PayPal, Apple Pay, and more. The financial technology company says, they accept over 45 different payment methods and are available in over 30 countries. And the monetization platform integrates with more than a hundred popular shopping cart platforms. So you can directly ingrate with an e-commerce site.

The best part of 2Checkout is, it supports all countries except Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, Syria. But you will see there is no PayPal service in 21 countries. So if PayPal is not available in your country but wants to take payment globally then you can go ahead with 2Checkout.

6. Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net payment is a US-based one of the most popular payment gateways. It considers as another best PayPal alternative for business. Actually, Paypal and are two different types of services. Payal is a full-stack payment processing service on the other hand is a payment gateway. So if you are looking for a PayPal alternative to receive online payments then is good to go. But if you are looking for an alternative payment processor then you should leave it. However, this service is not available in all countries of the world. is available in only the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, And Australia. So if you are out of those countries then this service is not suitable for you.

7. ProPay

ProPay is an expensive alternative to PayPal. But it is another familiar name in the terms of inline payment solutions. It is suitable for small and home-based businesses, internet service providers, non-government organizations, and enterprises. Vendors can accept debit and credit card payments, and more. The best part of ProPay is if you want you can collaborate with a team. It supports email, phone, live support, training, tickets, and more. It comes with three different pricing and plans, and the price starts at $39.95 (monthly).

8. PaySimple

PaySimpel is another best alternatives to PaySimple. The software allows you to accept debit and credit cards, ACH payments, recurring payments, and more. PaySimple charges 2.49% for credit card processing and $0.65 (+20%) ACH/eCheck processing but PayPal pro charges $30 per month and credit card processing rates start at 2.9% and there have no ACH payment options as well. So if you are looking for a low-cost PayPal alternative with full features then you can select PaySimple and go ahead with it.

9. Zelle Pay

Zelle Pay is one of the fastest and safe ways to send and receive money online. If you are a US citizen and looking for a PayPal alternative then Zella could be a good option. If you have a bank account and work with Zelle Pay, you can simply send or receive money to your Bank account. And you can simply do it from your Bank account. But it does not work with credit cards, business cards for international cards, and prepaid cards out of Zelle’s network.

10. Venmo

Last but not least, Venmo is of the highly recommended PayPal alternatives. It is one of the quick and convenient payments methods. Besides, it charges less fee for credit card payments, and you can purchase at select businesses. Venmo also allows snedding money from credit card, debit card, bank account, and Venmo account balances. Venmo does not charge monthly or annual fees. It’s cool.


PayPal VS Google Pay

PayPal is the best-known option for online payment, sending, and receiving money online. But Google is one of the cheapest services on the list. There have no transfer fees on transferring funds from your bank account in Google Play. PayPal charges 1.5%(+sum 31 cents) for debit card transactions, where PayPal charges 2.29%+$0.30. You need to select Google Pay Business to add as a payment option to your website or online store.

Payoneer VS PayPal

In the terms of PayPal VS Payoneer, Payoneer is the winner. Payoneer provides international money transfer services for businesses, online sellers, freelancers. Users are also allowed to send payment requests with Payoneer. Besides, it accepts credit cards and ACH direct deposits. But PayPal’s service varies from country to country. Payoneer charges 3% on credit card payments and 1% on ACH Bank deposits. PayPal charges 2.9%+30 censts.

Stripe VS Paypal

It is easy to collect payments and bills using both Stripe and PayPal. PayPal is available in 200+ countries and Stripe is available in 32 countries. Stripe takes 2 days to deposit into your account. But PayPal takes an average of 2-4 days payout time. Both service fees are the same.

FAQs & Answers

How to Delete PayPal Account?

Follow the following steps to delete your PayPal account:

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the setting menu
  • Select account options
  • Select “Close Your Account”
  • Enter your bank ACC information
  • Click on “Close Account”

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How To Cancel A Paypal Payment?

Follow the following steps:

  1. Log into your PayPal account (enter Username & Pass)
  2. Now click on the activity
  3. Select all transection
  4. Find the payment you want to cancel
  5. Click the “Cancel” Button
  6. Cancel Payment


Here you go. You can choose any PayPal alternatives we mentioned in our list. Remember all the alternatives we mentioned are not available worldwide. So select one that is suitable for your business and available in your country. Drop your comment and let us know which one you like most.

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