You have a smartphone or a DSLR camera and you love to take videos. And Your video shooting hand is good. But you want to make it better. Yes, Today here I’m gonna share some essential and cool video shooting accessories that will help you to take videos like a pro.

List of The Essential Video Shooting Accessories:

1. Tripod

There have many guys who have excellent video shooting hands. But with your hand, you can not take video like a tripod. If you wanna take smooth videos then a perfect tripod is a must.

It will help you to take more meaningful videos or images. And it’s not possible to keep your camera in your hand for a long time. There have many tripods is available in the market at a reasonable price.

2. Microphone

You can make videos without sound no matter what. But if you want to make a video with sound a microphone is a must. Because without a microphone to get clear and perfect sound is not possible. You have to choose a high-quality microphone to get a clear and perfect sound.

If you wanna get multiple people’s sounds at a time then you can choose an omnidirectional microphone. If you are near to the camera then you can choose a wired microphone but when you or that sound you wanna record you have to select a wireless microphone. There has a lot of designs and types of microphones is available in the market.

3. Gimbal

Think you are walking or running and shooting video. What happen! A gimbal will help you to make a smooth video. And with a Gimbal you can soot or take video from a different angle.

It will save your energy because with a Gimbal you can move your camera or smartphone at any angle. Gimbals are great at stabilization. But to get a quality video you have to properly balance your Gimbal.

4. Led Light

If you wanna take an indoor shoot and you wanna take a proper look. Then proper lighting is a must. A red light will help you to make a perfect shoot. You can buy a good quality led light for 50 to 200 dollars.

In photography or cinematic shoot, you have to make sure a proper light is set up. It will help you to color correct. There have a lot of led lights available in the market or online shops.

5. Big And Fast Memory card

Not only taking a shoot is enough, but you also have to make sure that your taken video or photo has been saved. Video footage takes a lot of space you needed a large gigabyte to save before editing and publishing. And you have to make sure that it is fast enough to stream or transfer your data. Always try to avoid road side’s cheap memory card.

6. Headphone

Besides recording, monitoring is an important part of video shooting. If your sound quality is not good no one wants to watch your videos. Especially if you are a video content creator. To make sure of perfect recording or sound you must have perfect headphones. It will help you to improve your video quality. Remember what you hear you are getting. Take a look at the best budget headphones.

7. Neutral Filter

If you shoot video with a DSLR camera. Then your shutter speed is limited. Mainly you are limited when it’s slow end by the frame rate at which you are shooting. On the other hand, gets too fast your footage starts to look unnatural and unprofessional. But if you have a neutral filter it will check your footage quality.

8. Extra Batteries

When we take videos with our smartphone or camera they need extra power. Naturally, a Camera battery gives your 1-3 hours backup.

So when you are taking an outdoor shoot it’s impossible to take a shoot with an electricity connection. So to make sure a sufficient backup for your camera or smartphone you must have some extra battery.

9. Bag

End of the day you have to carry all of these gadgets you need to shoot a video or photo. Think you have a tripod in one hand, a camera in another hand how you will carry other equipment like a tripod, cables, softbox. It’s not possible to carry them in two hands so you must have a bag. A bag will help to keep them safe and you can carry them easily. There are many good-quality bags in the market with a budget of 100 to 200 dollars.

10. Editor

Last of all, if you want to turn your videos into a masterpiece, you need video editing software. With a perfect video editor, you can make your videos and photos more attractive.

To make the perfect combination of image and sound you have to choose a perfect video editor. There have many popular video editing software like Adobe Premium Pro C C, CyberLink Power Director, Corel, Blender, Lightworks, Shotcut, etc. If you are not an expert in video editing you can hire a video editor who will help you to create your video or photos spicey.

Last of all, here we shared some essential accessories for shooting a video. You can add or less anyone. Actually, it depends on your budget. If you don’t have a big budget you can start with your smartphone and free video editing software.


Good equipment is needed to make good videos. You also need a good videographer and editor. Leave your comment and let us know how do you enjoy our article. If you want you can share your product review on Somagom.

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