Nowadays there have dozens of virtual prepaid card providers around the world. And day by day the number of users is getting bigger.

But the problem is most people don’t have a clear idea about the virtual prepaid card, how does it work, the best places to buy it, and especially is worth it.

Hi, This is Mark, in today’s article, I am going to share the ultimate guide to buying a virtual prepaid card. And I believe it will help you find out the best and right virtual prepaid card for you, your family, and your friends. So let’s get started.

1. Use of virtual prepaid card

Most of the prepaid cardholders don’t have good knowledge about virtual prepaid cards. Even many people didn’t hear about this type of card.

Generally, a virtual prepaid card is an expensive alternative to your bank prepaid cards. This type of card is produced and delivered electronically.

Remember, digital cards are designed only for online purchases and phone orders. So you can not use them at retail stations for POS purchases.

2. Limitation

A virtual prepaid card comes with limited transactions each day. It means with a virtual credit card, you are allowed a minimum and maximum credit limit per transaction per day.

Before purchasing a digital card make sure you are getting a flexible transaction limit.

Besides, this type of card is valid only for a specific period. So consider the validation time also.

3. Fees

We already said this type of card is pretty expensive. There have different types of fees like monthly fees, operating fees, transaction fees, reload fees, and more.

It is often seen that you may have to pay an extra-20-50 for all this. So if are able to effort these costs then go ahead and purchase a virtual prepaid card. So before buying a virtual card, know the fee well.

4. Hidden Charge

Hidden charges are one of the big factors here. Most providers do not specify the various hidden charges in their fee list.

This type of charge can be one of the annoying reasons for the extra cost for you. So before buying or applying for a virtual prepaid card know the hidden charges.

5. Reload Options

To make a purchase with your virtual prepaid card you need to reload your card. Basically, you have to load this money into your account and later you can make a purchase by using this money.

So it is really important to have available reload options like a bank or direct deposit, account to account transfer, retail reload, and especially PayPal and other online payment methods.

Most of the virtual prepaid card comes with limited reload options. So before purchasing a virtual credit card consider the reload options as well.

6. Acceptability

Well, most of the virtual prepaid card comes from Visa and MasterCard. But the problem is there have many sites that don’t accept this kind of digital card payment.

Many popular sites around the world do not accept certain companies’ virtual cards. So before purchasing a digital card make sure the site is accepted by the online shop you want to make payments.

7. Customer Support

The loyal customer provides positive reviews. But from the service provider’s side customers also expect loyal service. If there is a problem with your card or if there is a wrong transaction, you need to contact the service provider to resolve the issue.

If the customer service is not good or not available 24 hours a day, you will not get a solution if you face such problems. So before purchasing a virtual prepaid card consider the customer service as well.

8. Withdrawl Facility

You reload your money and make payment it’s simple. But you need to withdraw your money as well. As an example, ” you have some balance into your card and you want to use this money to purchase some goods from your local retail shop. As POS purchases don’t accept this type of card you need to pay them in cash. So you need to withdraw asap. But there has no option for withdrawal.”

Besides many virtual prepaid cards charges extra fees for withdrawal. It is really painful to pay extra money for withdrawal. So consider withdrawal options as well.

9. Security

People say a virtual prepaid card is the most secure option to keep safe and secure your personal data from an online purchase. But remember you have to provide your personal information to get a virtual prepaid card.

To get a virtual card you should consider whether those to whom you are giving out your personal information are safe for you.


How To Get A Virtual Prepaid Card?

There have dozens of digital prepaid card providers around the world. You just need to visit their website and you will find an option to apply for a card. Just click on apply now or sign up for a card. Put in your basic information and confirm your email.

Most of the time there have no upfront fees to create an account. After completing your first step, I mean creating an account. Now reload the dollar amount you want to use with the payment method the card provider has.

Generate your card and start purchasing online. Most of the time the system will generate automatic CVV numbers for every single purchase.

A Virtual Prepaid Card Worth It?

Again this type of digital card is an expensive alternative or your regular prepaid card. But if you think the site you are using to make a purchase is not secure or you don’t want to share your personal information with them then you can go ahead with a virtual prepaid card. But if you don’t purchase online or from secured sites like amazon, eBay, Alibaba, or other renowned sites. You don’t need to buy this type of card. It just wastes money for you.


A virtual prepaid card is one of the best ways to keep secure and safe your personal data from an online purchase. But this kind of prepaid card is expensive and can not use offline like a retail POS purchase. So if you really don’t use to online purchase then you don’t need to purchase this type of card.

Hope you guys got a clear idea. If you face any problems or have any questions feel free to ask me. We are ready to help you out.

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