Rui Pinto has 70 Million Documents. Can you believe it! Yes, Not only Manchester City’s there have most valuable data of many renowned organizations, clubs, and persons.

You might remember about 2018. German newspaper Der Spiegel published it in November 2018. That Manchester City has ‘severely violated’ the UEFA club’s license and fair play policy.

It was like a bomb blast. And for this reason, Manchester City is banned from European competition for the next two years. But the matter is who leaked it?

What Happened

The matter is Der Spiegel didn’t have the information. They got a mail from Jhon. And he sends some information about Manchester City’s violation. And with confidence Der Spiegel publish the news. After that people were looking for

Who is Jhon.

For the last 6 months Police and security personnel in Europe, including Portugal were searching for John. He was finally arrested in Hungary on January 27. But he was not Jhon. And he is not a citizen of  Hungary.

Let’s Know Rui Pinto.

His name is Rui Pinto. He is 30 years old. His home is in Portugal. In the international marketplace, he is Consider a Whistleblower or information lender. But at this time he is arrested as a Cheater. The court says that Rui Pinto is cheating with people.

Since 2015, Rui Pinto was collecting information from different famous organizations and persons.

The information included players’ media, internal documents of team officials, required e-mails, income information about players, tax information.

In the USA there has a rape case against Christiano Ronaldo. And Rui Pinto leaked the information. And the case submits a Former us Model name, Catherine Mayorga. After a discussion, it closed.

There were insufficient documents against the case and at that time CR7 got Bail. There are currently 147 fraud cases against him.

A lawyer is working against the case. And he said he will get free as soon as possible as a general people.

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