Why Is My Computer So Slow And How to Speed Up ?

My computer is very slow, but what is the reason? How do I speed up my computer ? If you want to know why your computer is slow, you have come to the right place. In today’s article I will share with you what causes your computer slow down and how to get rid of it. So let’s start and speed up your computer…

1. Too Many Startup Programs

When you turn on your computer, do a lot of programs start running? Yes, we when we start or open our computer we use many programs. And it is useful you are going to use the program whenever you are on your computer. But the thing is you there have too many programs that runs on startup the computer, be sure it will seriously slow down your boot time and reduce the device performance.

  • How to Stop Startup Programs

Just Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE on your keyboard. It will open a pop up window. Select task manager and then click on Startup. Select the programs you need to disable or enable.

2. Lot of Background Programs

This is the another one of the most common reasons for a slow computer and that is programs running in the background. You may have an antivirus scanner on your computer or another security key then make sure this software is not scanning your computer in the background. Beside this you may open photoshop, internet browser, video editing, game application and more application at the same time , it decreases the overall performance of your PC or Laptop .

  • What should do?

Always Make sure when you are working with your computer, multiple programs are not open at the same time.

3. Insufficient Space or Old Hard drive

We know as we add more files on our computer, it’s hard drive get full up. And another thing is, you will install a lot of programs and save a lot of files. When your computer fill up too much, your computer will slow down. And it’s take more time for your laptop or desktop to do.

  • What do you do ?

All of your Temporary files stored in the hard drive of the computer. By deleting these temporary files you can improve your device performance. You can do it like this, write %temp% in the search field and enter. You will see all of temporary files stored in the hard drive. Select all and delete. If any files are in use and can not be deleted, just click on skip.

Empty Recycle bin. When we delete any thing then it store in the recycle bin. Just double click on the Recycle bin icon and right click and click Empty Recycle bin.

Also check the download folder if you don’t need anything then delete them. Clear cache and cookies on your browser.

Always make sure there is at least 250-350MB of free of hard drive space. And upgrading from a hard drive to SSD drastically improves the performance of the computer.

How to Check Computer Specs on Windows and macOS

4. You Might Have an old RAM

Your are using your computer over two years and You may have an old RAM, You may need more memory.  And if your device have less than 4GB of RAM or Random Access Memory then it will be slow down.

  • Solution

If you use large programs like video editing, gaming and more, on the computer and that need a large amount of information in memory for quick access. We suggest your desktop or laptop have at least 6GB of RAM.

5. Virus or Malware

Virus or Malware is the big issue to make slow down of your computer. And it is a big cause of many computer problems. They can track all your activity.

  • Stop Malware

So we recommend running a malware scan as well. There have many free and paid malware scanner in the internet. But make sure they are not always open. Just open the scanner and scan virus and close it. If you find any malware or virus then take action. And it will help to speed up your laptop or desktop device.

6. Out Of Date Software

You have out of date software on the computer and dismissed that software update pop-up too many times? Right, But it’s annoying. But the thing is running out of date programs could be slow down the computer.

  • How to update

Always make sure that you have the latest Windows updates, ans as well as having up to date drivers. And it is important for PC performance. You can manage the updates from the setting menu. Just open the Window start menu and click on the setting icon then you will find Update and Security. This page will tell you your behind windows update and which steps you need to take.

7. Downloading Large file 0n the Computer

When we download files, it effect on computer performance. And maybe you are downloading large files in the background when another multiple programs are open or running. And check what is in your download queue.

8. Slow broadband connection

What is your internet speed? Is it like 1 or 2 MBPS ? If the answer is yes then upgrade it. And it could be a problem with your Wifi signal, Network Adapter, Router or cable line or even a slow DNS network. So check your speed and compare it to your plan.

9. Processor Or Computer is Overheating

It gets hot when we use our electronic devices for a long time. Excessive heat can decrease the computer performance. And there have some potential reasons included dust blocking intake grills or exhaust ports or a colleged fan. You can fix these things yourself.

Make sure your computer is clean and the fans are working well. If you think there have an internal problem then you can visit an expert.

10. Old Computer

If you tried everything and your desktop or laptop is still slow then changing your computer is the best solution. And the thing is if the computer is more than five years old, it performs slower than a new one. We know day by day system is developing and more advanced software programs are released and they are optimized to run more efficiently on the new computers. Older desktop or laptop devices are  not able to run these new softwares. So it’s the time to change or upgrade your device.

Get a professional to help

Last of all if you are a new user and don’t have proper knowledge on computer hardware, we recommend to visit a professional. But remember that it will come at a cost and that you make sure to back everything up first so that you don’t lose any important files. To save your files you can user extra hard drive or upload files on google drive or icloud or Microsoft oneDrive.

Hey dude ! this was about what causes your #computer slow down and how to get rid of it or how to speed up your desktop or laptop computer.

If you have any question feel free to ask on comment box. If you have any suggestion then you can share with us.

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